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History: the CADD web pages.

The Computer Aided Detector Design (CADD) initiative and subsequent project run by Mik Ferran, Nils Høimyr and other people set up one of the very first Web servers dedicated to CAD/CAM and engineering data exchange. The CADD FTP server was used to exchange AutoCAD and CAD-neutral files since 1991 and was followed by a Web-framework for exchange of engineering data in 1992. This scheme was adapted by the LHC experiments in 1993 and was later combined with commercial data management tools to evolve into EDMS.

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The CADD project is now (1999) completed, but work continue within other projects and services. More information is accessible from the following links:

For more information about CADD contact Mik Ferran or Nils Høimyr.

NjH January 1999

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