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What is STEP?

STEP is the ISO STandard for the Exchange of Product data (ISO-10303)

STEP is an evolving standard which will cover the whole Product Life Cycle in terms of data sharing, storage and exchange. STEP is replacing other CAE exchange standards like IGES, DXF, SET and VDAFS, as well as allow for complete descriptions in electronic form of all data related to Manufacturable Products.


The CADD team used to follow the evolution of STEP through the ProSTEP Association as well as other international forums. STEP is also being used as a basis to allow for simulation on CAD-geometries in the GEANT4 Simulation package.

Other efforts is to test STEP interfaces for CERN CAD-systems and put STEP practice into use for the LHC project. (See links from CERN Computing for Engineering pages)

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